Fayrefield Milk Powder business is handled in our main office in Crewe UK.

Fayrefield supply quality milk powders, predominantly free flowing Sweet Whey Powder (SWP), Skim Milk Powder (SMP), and Buttermilk Powders (BMP). Each of our milk powders are manufactured by spray-drying fresh dairy ingredients and can be used in a wide variety of applications such as cultured milk products, chocolate, ice cream, confectionary, meat, breads and biscuits.

We are happy to make small and big production runs of functional custom dairy powder blends tailored specifically to customer requirements (specific protein/protein levels etc. or other dry ingredient mixes).

Our team of experts is always happy to deal with your enquiry.


Products Industrial application Description
Sweet Whey Powder (SWP) cakes, bread,  sweets,  yoghurts,  ice-cream,  processed  cheese,  beverages,  delicatessen
products and others.
SWP is obtained  from  rennet  whey  after  concentration,  crystallization  and  spray  drying.  
Acid Whey Powder (WP) Biscuits, Pastries, Animal Feed WP is  obtained  from  acid  whey  after  concentration,  crystallization  and  spray  drying.  
Buttermilk Powder (BMP) Ice Cream, Bakery, Confectionery, Ready Meal, Chocolate Products, Dairy Buttermilk is obtained from butter churning. The resulting concentrate dried to a moisture level of typically 3.7%
Skim Milk Powder (SMP) Ice Cream, Bakery, Confectionery, Ready Meal, Dairy Spray dried skim milk powder, has good solubility and low hygroscopicity for a variety of uses. 
WPC35 – 75 – 80 Ice Cream, Bakery, Confectionery, Meat industry, Dairy, Animal Feed  WPC35 -75 – 80:Whey  concentrate by UF  
Calcium Caseinate Used in the food industry as a protein supplement Spray dried milk protein,
produced by acid precipation of Skimmed milk, reacting with a neutralising agent and drying
Sodium Caseinate Sodium caseinate has favorable emulsification and stabilisation functions as well as viscosity increasing, adhesive, foaming and foam stabilizing functions. Also, it is often used for strengthening proteins. Since it is a kind of water-soluble emulsifying agent, it has wide application. Sodium caseinate is obtained from fresh pasteurised
skim milk by acid precipitation of the casein, further reaction with a
neutralizing agent and then drying
Whey Protein with high gelling capacity Several uses in the food industry Whey  concentrate produced by Ultra