Delicious toasted breakfast cereal maker Lizi’s Granola is set to launch a grab and go complete breakfast that can be eaten anywhere.

The brand new Lizi’s Granola On The Go is a self-contained pouch and spoon pack containing delicious granola combined with lactose-free whole milk powder. A few spoonfuls of water are all that is needed to create the perfect tasty and healthy breakfast.

The ultimate in convenient healthy eating, Lizi’s On The Go can be slipped into handbags, briefcases or even pockets and means that anyone can enjoy a satisfying and filling meal wherever they are and at any time of day.

The new range includes the naturally luxurious varieties: Original; Belgian Chocolate; and Treacle and Pecan.

The new Lizi’s Granola On The Go launches at Waitrose on 12 May at £1.29 for a single 47g serving.

The great-tasting cereal contains jumbo rolled oats, nuts and seeds that provide slow-releasing energy and keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

So why lizi’s?

The lactose-free milk in Lizi’s Granola On The Go means that anyone concerned about lactose intolerance won’t miss out.

Lizi’s Granola was developed on the best “good carb” nutritional principles. It has a low GL (glycaemic load) that means that it provides a slow release of energy and keeps you going for longer, avoiding the mid-morning “lull” that can have you reaching for a snack. This is unlike sugary cereals that make blood sugar “spike” and then plummet, leading to hunger and cravings. “Lizi’s Granola On The Go meets the latest consumer needs for health combined with convenience,” says Lizi’s founder Lizi Shaw.

“Consumers want to eat more healthily but many feel that they do not have time to prepare healthy meals. Increasingly busy lifestyles mean that making time for breakfast is particularly difficult, yet skipping breakfast can mean eating more to compensate later in the day and lead to weight gain.

“Lizi’s Granola On The Go makes eating a healthy breakfast easy, however short on time you are. The slim pouch, unlike a plastic pot, can be fitted into handbags, briefcases and even pockets, and needs just a few spoonfuls of water to transform it into a delicious and satisfying breakfast,” adds Lizi.

Note to editors:

For a sample of Lizi’s Granola To Go please contact Nick Smallwood on (01270) 589311 or

The Liza’s Granola range is available from Waitrose. Flavours include: Organic; Original; Belgian Chocolate; Treacle Pecan; Passionfruit and Pistachio; Mango and Macadamia.

What is granola?

Granola, unlike muesli, it is a baked and golden cereal, unlike its Swiss rival which is essentially a raw product. Oats (famous for helping to lower cholesterol and providing slow energy release), nuts and seeds are all mixed together along with delicious ingredients such as Black Treacle and pecan nuts. The recipe is then baked to create a great tasting, natural, and wholesome food. How does granola keep you feeling fuller for longer? The science is very simple. Foods with high sugar levels can cause spikes in your natural blood sugar levels – the more sugar you have, the more the body creates insulin, to turn the glucose into glycogen (this can be stored as fat in the body). Once this is done, a signal is sent to the brain saying blood sugar levels are low, and that it needs more. This is why when you drink sweet fizzy drinks and eat sugary foods, after 1 to 2 hours, you feel hungry. In Lizi’s products, GL is measured, and the oats and nuts and seeds release energy slowly, helping to keep you feeling fuller for longer.